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CCQ A330/A340 to A320

Cross Crew Qualification Training is designed to transition qualified pilots within the Airbus “Fly-by-Wire” family which only addresses the differences between the base aircraft and difference aircraft.

The course is based on the “CCQ A330/A340 to A320” course of the Standard Airbus A320 Type Rating programm and adapted to Orange2fly requirements with its available training tools and resources.

It is underlined that pilots entering this course must be highly knowledgeable on base aircraft systems.

Course Entry Requirements

According to FCL 710, to participate in the CCQ training for Airbus A320, the applicant shall have:

Current pilot License
Qualified on the Airbus A330/A340 aircraft.
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
Minimum of 3 months and 150 hours on base aircraft
ICAO English Language (min. ICAO Level 4) *

*The ELP level has to be endorsed on the license.

Course Description

The A320 CCQ Training consists of the following phases:

Theoretical Knowledge Training

Aircraft Systems, Performance & Limitations Differences, (In classroom and/or WBT).

Total days: 5 days

Full Flight Simulator Training

Full Flight Simulator Sessions as PF &PM

Total days: 3 days  |   Total hours: 12 hours (3x 4hrs)

After the completion of the above training, the applicant shall pass the respective theoretical knowledge examination as well as the Skill Test, for the issuance of his certificate.

Training Locations

  • WBT Self-study at home base
  • Theoretical part: Athens, Greece
  • Practical A320 FFS at one of our partner Full Flight Training Centers