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ATR 42/72 TYPE RATINGPilot Training Courses

The course is designed to enable the trainee to operate safely and efficiently in accordance with ATR Standard Operating Procedures and to qualify for the issue of a type rating on the ATR 42/72 aircraft.

This course is based on the ATR 42/72 Standard Transition Course and complies with Part-FCL as well as with the standards included in the Operational Suitability Data-Flight Crew ATR 42/72 (OSD-FC ATR).

 Course Entry Requirements*
  • Valid CPL, with ATPL theory written test pass mark
  • Valid IR on a multi-engine airplane
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • ICAO English Language (min. ICAO Level 4)**
  • MCC Course Completion (where applicable- can be combined with the Type Rating)

*If the appropriate regulatory agency and/or specific airline policy demands greater or additional requirements, they will also apply as a prerequisite

**The ELP level has to be endorsed on the license.

Course Description

Type Rating Theory
Type Rating Practice

The Orange Flight Academy ATR Transition Course consists of:

  • WBT (Web-Based Training, (self-study, 7 days)
  • APT (optional- 5 days)
  • Theoretical Knowledge Training (in-classroom tuition including System test, 3 days)
  • Cockpit Procedure Training, (8 Fixed Base Simulator Training Sessions, 8x3hrs)
  • Handling Phase (7 Full Flight Simulator Sessions, 7x4hrs)
  • LOFT Phase (2 Full Flight Simulator Session, 2x2hr)
  • Skill Test, LPC-OPC (1 Full Flight Simulator Session, 1x4hrs)
  • Low Visibility Phase /optional/ (1 Full Flight Simulator Session, 1x4hrs)
  • ZFTT /optional/ (1 Full Flight Simulator Session, 1x4hrs)
  • Base Training Phase (0:45 min flight time conducted on ATR 42 or 72 aircraft)

Orange Flight Academy ATO ATR42/72 Course includes the following:

    • PBN training as per Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/539;
    • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training as per Commission Regulation (EU)2015/445, Part-FCL 725.A (c);
    • Crew Resource Management & Threat and Error Management
    • Low Visibility Operations (LVO) training (optional)
    • Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) (optional)

Total course duration is 10 working days (excluding FNPT, Low Visibility simulator session and Base training or Zero Flight Time Training).

  • 10 days Theoretical Knowledge Training: 7 days of self study and 3 days classroom training
  • 9 days practical training: total of 9×4:00 = 32 hrs full flight simulator time excluding ZFTT, LVO practical training
  • Flight phase: Base training

Training Locations

  • WBT Self-study at home base
  • Theoretical part: Athens, Greece, or at the SIM centers
  • Practical ATR42/72 FFS at one of our partners Flight Training Center
  • Base training. Completed with our contracted airlines upon request and availability